April 2021

Welcome to Tabis Online Japan

Tabis Online Japan deals with the top Japanese tabi shoes manufacturers in order to offer you quality tabi footwear at the most reasonable prices worldwide.

We offer a best selection of japanese tabi boots and socks,and we are always looking for new product to add to the lineup based on the needs and requests of our customers.
We always aim to give you the best buy with low prices and good quality products.

If there is any other products you are interested in, please feel free to ask us.
We hope to be of assistance to you!

Notice regarding the delivery of orders:

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19), at the moment, the Japan Post has temporarily suspended receiving international shipments sending to specific countries. Customers should refer to the following site for more information regarding the countries and territories to which acceptance of mail is allowed.

In addition, due to the decrease in the number of flights on the international level, orders shipping to countries and territories to which acceptance of mail isn't suspended may also be delayed and may require more time before the final acceptance process is completed.

If you are not certain, please make sure to contact us before you place an order.

We will be able to suggest a shipment method in more specific terms if you could provide us with more detailed information about your order (including the name of the product and the order quantity).

A fee is applied for the cancellation of orders already placed. We will send you a refund for your order after deducting this fee (equivalent to about 3.6% of the purchasing price).

We would like to ask for your kind understanding and cooperation on this fact before making new orders.

To all customers in countries (the US, Australia, Canada, Russia, etc.) where normal shipping such as compensation is not possible

Japan Post has long suspended regular shipments to these countries. So ,we have begun taking the following action for shipment methods and you can choose one of these methods if you would like.

  • Small parcel (without insurance and tracking, weighing less than 2 kg)
  • Sea mail (with insurance and tracking)
  • DHL and Fedex

Lately, there has been an increase in the number of customers selecting shipment by these option.

If you prefer any of these options, please order by the following method.

First, place your order by Express.
- If you are in a country where shipments cannot be sent by Express EMS, please make a change to small packet or sea mail, upon consultation.
- If there is a difference of shipment fee, we will charge an additional fee or provide a refund for that difference. In the case of a refund, we will make the payment within two days after shipment of the product.